About Us

MyLeah Andalusians was founded in the summer of 2010 with the purchase of two lovely mares. Since then, its been a whirlwind after being pulled into the incredibly addicting world of Iberian horses! Within six months, our first mare had won a reserve championship at AAALSHA Grand Nationals, and our second mare was placed with a young but talented dressage trainer.

KA Especial, 2010 AAALSHA Nationals. Photo by Faris Dale.

While MyLeah Andalusians started with primary goals of training and riding, we were blessed to have an opportunity to breed our purebred mare to Fugitivo XII, a talented Qualified stallion, moving our program to the next level.

Although interested in different discipline (Myles loves halter and driving, while Leah’s passion is riding, especially jumping and now dressage!), we both share a love of Iberian horses. Showing and breeding is our hobby, not a career. We hope to produce beautiful, well-rounded horses that are a credit to the Andalusian breed.

MyLeah Andalusians is located on our small Mid-Missouri farm which we call MyLeah Meadows. We purchased 17 untouched acres in the summer of 2009 and have been constantly making improvements. Clearing woods, fencing pastures, building a barn and stalls, putting up a small arena, it feels like the work never ends! But watching our horses graze while we sit on the back deck makes it all worthwhile.

Horses of MyLeah Andalusians, 2010. Photo by Leah Strid.